Friday, March 19, 2010

Fou de fa fa

We celebrated my new Australian boss's birthday at Fou De Fa Fa yesterday. We were delighted to know this place because the food is just too tasty and healthy. We ordered 3 dishes, Vegetarian Pancake Lasagna, Smart and Sexy salad and "Very meaty" Pizza. We loved it!! Thickness of the crunch was just right with layers of cheese and zucchini in between the pasta sheets. The magic probably lies in the savory “special sauce” which has a tinge of sweetness I suspect comes from apple sauce. The Smart and Sexy salad came with beet root which makes the salad refreshing! They are too good to resist and no wonder the place is jam packed with people dining in or take away. Luckily we made the reservation earlier not to wait for so long. There are many good comments about this French cum Italian cafe and more importantly my boss also like the place. 4 stars out of 5!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kukup, Pontian – old memories..

If you happen to watch the channel 8 drama (The Best Things In Life 《五福到》”) showing currently on the TV, you may notice that the scene is taken in a fishing village in Malaysia. Let me tell you, the place is "Kukup" where it is only 15 min drive from my hometown, 'Pontian'. It is the "sentimental" stuff that make you want to watch it because the place is so familiar to you when you were young and it brought up a lot of memories of mine.

Kukup used to be a place where there provide many good seafood, but recently I think the standard has dropped so far and they lost many tourists then. Hopefully with this drama, it attracts back the Singaporean tourists and bring back the old glory of the town..

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How to get cheap tickets to Musical in Singapore?
Keppel Corporation and the National Arts Council (NAC) jointly launched Singapore’s first sustained subsidised ticket purchasing scheme to benefit and cultivate audiences for the arts.

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